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What AzVMA Can Do For You

Protect the Veterinary Profession
AzVMA is your watchdog at the state capital. A professional legislative representative safeguards your interests by monitoring legislative activities, advocating on your behalf and alerting you to issues of concern to the veterinary profession. This gives you a heads-up and empowers you to join the association leadership in taking a proactive stance to protect your interests.
Education for All Veterinary Professionals
AzVMA’s prestigious Academy of Veterinary Practice helps you achieve professional excellence and be recognized by your peers and your clients for your accomplishments and pursuit of knowledge. Through top-notch educational seminars and conferences, AzVMA provides for all your continuing education needs and satisfies your curiosity about the latest innovations and services in veterinary medicine. AzVMA’s Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona (VHCTAz) provides quality educational programs for the entire practice team—from kennel staff to practice managers to enhance their skills and increase efficiency and productivity in your practice. We are also a proud partner in the Wild West Veterinary Conference, held each year in Reno, NV. The equal of other major conferences around the country, this meeting is unique for its hospitality, friendliness, value, quality, and convenience. It’s all under one roof and AzVMA members receive a discount or attend free in exchange for moderating! AzVMA also conducts an Annual State Meeting where veterinary professionals from throughout the state come together for education, networking and camaraderie.
Education for the Public
AzVMA conducts public education activities aimed at responsible pet ownership that includes regular veterinary care. Through printed materials, including posters and brochures, local television and radio, community events, AzVMA disseminates information that encourages pet owners to visit their veterinarian and provides seasonal and household tips for taking care of their pets. AzVMA has volunteers who serve as reporters for the Veterinary News Network to tackle challenging issues, as well as provide stories promoting veterinary medicine.
Community Gathering Place
AzVMA’s office building is available to all AzVMA members for meetings and events related to the veterinary profession. It can be used for staff meetings, seminars, receptions, presentations and consultations at no charge for the facilities.
Networking Groups
AzVMA has taken the lead in developing opportunities for all veterinary professionals and allied industry representatives to be involved in the association. The Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona, is an organization for all veterinary staff that promotes career development, leadership, professionalism and pride in their profession. AzVMA’s Allied Industry membership, welcomes representatives from all companies who do business with the veterinary community to build mutually beneficial relationships that help veterinary practices with their business needs and strengthen the association’s ability to serve all members. AzVMA also has a Recent Graduate Task Force, dedicated to providing new licensees with educational programs and networking activities specific to their needs. It includes a mentorship program in which recent graduates mentor new graduates.
Information Central
AzVMA is a clearinghouse for information. A monthly newsletter contains timely articles of local and national interest, while a new, interactive Web site helps members and the public identify resources available to them. Members receive a membership directory and an allied industry directory to facilitate networking. Members can sign up for the AzVMA information network, to receive email alerts on fast breaking news. A professional staff is available to answer questions and direct you to the resources you seek.
Referrals and Discounts
As an AzVMA member, you can take advantage of many business liaisons that will help you save time and money. While the association does not endorse any product or service, discounts have been arranged for members on merchant services, insurance, shipping, legal consultation on practice issues, education programs, newsletter advertising and more. A knowledgeable staff can also provide referrals to resources that will meet your needs.
Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities
AzVMA has a board of directors and a number of committees and task forces to provide members with opportunities to take a leadership role in their profession. By serving on the board of directors or a committee/task force, members can play an important role in the ongoing mission of the association. Members can also volunteer to participate in community events, school programs and association activities that educate the public and serve the profession. In addition, veterinarians and veterinary staff can sign up to participate in the AzVMA disaster response network, to volunteer their services during an adverse event affecting animals and veterinary interests.


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